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Do you believe in luck? ¬†Are you superstitious? Do you think that birth signs have any effect on your life events? I don’t know. I’m not sure ūüėČ


Barry Palmer,Willow River, MN, United States, asked that question:

Could we find a way to measure luck?

Today I was shoveling snow in front of my house. Under the snow there is considerable ice, large patches, here and there. I could very easily have slipped, fallen down and injured myself, but today I was lucky. Every day people have accidents or become ill due to nothing but bad luck. Other people have good luck and continue their lives unaffected, or perhaps are better off, maybe much better off. Luck is a factor in every life, sometimes it is obvious that it is a big factor.

The scientific minded among us (I include myself) are all convinced that incidents of good luck and bad luck occur in accordance with the “laws” of probability. But we have no way of confirming this without measurements. If we documented the lives of enough people, could we find a way to measure luck? Can you suggest how? If we could measure luck, would it then be possible to determine the significance of luck in the lives of most persons? And would that affect philosophy? Please feel free to answer whichever questions you choose.

gymT. Morris answered saying: “To measure luck, you have to consider the law of averages. 100 coin flips should average out to 50/50. I think it is rare that 50/50 is actually achieved. Some may be 66/34, 55/45, even 51/49. Luck, in these terms, is random, Realistically, a larger sample of 1000 will likely be closer to 500/500, but some will naturally be 540/460 or so. In the non-random or random situations of life, Life Chances/Life Choices/Pressure are all variables to “lucky” life. Especially because you can’t choose your DNA or your parents. Any “legacy”, or lack of it, falls in the luck category. When referring to luck it, usually implies overcoming incredible odds, whereas Skill, Talent, Experience, Preparation,etc. are ways to reduce the need for luck.”

Gail’s opinion was as follows:¬†“That’s a hard one because it has been discovered that the experimenter is part of the experiment, thus affects the outcome. If¬†I were a college professor, I would put together volunteer groups of students to participate in a study. I would give them all in-depth questionnaires to complete. Then I would create a control group, a luck group, and a deliberate creator group. None would be allowed to talk about what they are doing, but they would be required to keep journals.

Group 2 would record every “lucky” thing that happens. Group 3, that determined what things they want to happen, would record their success. Then I would quantify the results.

crzDr. Carl Bern (Cornell) had a more scientific approach to this general idea. First he had volunteers answer questions on an extensive questionnaire. Then student volunteers sat in front of a computer that gave them random words to memorize (each student were shown different random words). The computer then tested the volunteer’s memory of the words. Then, AFTER the test, the computer gave them random words from their personal lists to practice typing.

It turned out that those who considered themselves risk-takers scored so well at remembering words practiced AFTER the test, that the probability of that happening was incredibly high.¬†If you apply this to the idea of luck, saying that those who scored so high were just lucky to an improbable degree, it wouldn’t work because the highest improbabilities were from those who seemed to be able to reach into the future and draw out information they needed.

He also had a test where he hooked people up to an EEG and a computer showed random pictures. It turns out that people know when a disturbing or erotic picture will be next – before the computer chooses the next picture. EEG readings prove it.¬†I suspect that those who are “lucky” are just more self-aware than those who are not. They have access to information that the fearful do not recognize, & can use it.

Anyway, ¬†I guess we were lucky to have Mimi & Jeff with us to talk about their experience in attending a class of Zumba vs U-Jam. It was fun, n I know that coz I actually attended that class. We enjoyed it. It was a challenge, but physically very high standard of fitness. So I guess we had an excellent 1Zumba ¬†Luck ¬†ūüėČ

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