Thanks for our friends and visitors from everywhere. Thanks for our new visitors and followers. We are grateful for each one of you, especially the new friends from the US, Russia, India, Spain, Brazil, n Australia šŸ˜‰

Today’s plan is presenting few questions from Patty related to Real Estate, with answers by the end of the post. Talking to our 1Zumba friend, whom we miss all the time. Chatting a little bit about daily activities, then ending with our Question no. four in the 100 Questions. Finally saying goodbye temporarily, hoping to talk to you again soon.

For Patty’s corner, here’s her 3 questions:

  • How many acres does a section contain?

  • What is a forfeiture?

  • When you want to finance the house & the furniture, which mortgage loan do you need?


Today is a day off for me, but here’s what I did and what I’m still doing. Waking up in the morning to answer my phone. It was someone who wanted to give me a loan or asking if I needed a loan. I thought that was great, may be today is the day. Next thing to do after having my coffee, is to sit to my desk opening my mail (Letters), then opening my computer to answer my emails. I had 545 messages, more than 50 needed answers, & more than 20 needed details. So here goes my afternoon.

I had a meal at 3:30, then a walk at 4:30 for half an hour. It was sunny and the weather was perfect. I had my red jogging suit on, & it was a lot of fun for 30 minutes.

Back to my desk, to read, although I have read enough until my afternoon, but this reading was for a novel that I bought few days ago. Well, I haven’t finished it yet to say exactly if I like it or not, but it is well-written indeed.

So you see my day started with reading & writing, and ended with studying, reading, & writing again. I told you, I love writing, especially when I am writing to you. For friends who asked me my recommendation to improve writing, I’d say reading, reading, and more reading, in addition to, of course, writing on a daily basis, no matter what the subject is!

The question no. 4 in our competition is:


As for the answers for Patty’s RE Corner:
1- 640
2- is the loss of ownership of a property due to a violation of a deed condition.
3- Package mortgage.

We enjoyed talking to you our dear 1Zumba friends, and we know thatĀ  it was fast, but we’re preparing a recent video soon.

Until we talk again, we wish you the best, and we hope that you would wish us the best too ā¤

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Walk don’t run
Coffee 13 benefits

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