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Helloooooo, Helloooooo everyone from everywhere! Thanks for our new members and visitors from the US, the UK, Bolivia, Spain, Romania, France,Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Sweden, South Korea, Argentina, n Colombia 😉

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I am not sure which one (subject) we should talk about today? Coz there are plenty, and I keep promising to tell you about too many things. Now I have a very long list, needs to be fulfilled. Heavy duty! Not really, I enjoy talking to you all guys, remember, we are here for you 24/7. We never get tired of communicating with you 😉  Having said that, keep sending your emails, and comments, we’re waiting for them all the time. Do not be miser with your feedback. We know it is precious, and we appreciate it for that reason 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, never be miser with your feedback. We know it is precious, and we appreciate it for that reason 😉

Why is it so irritating not to find an item in your drawer? I found this tip from thisvery valuable, so it says: “Have very specific homes for the important stuff: Of course, the very best tip for finding your stuff around the house easier? Not losing them in the first place. So have VERY SPECIFIC areas that your stuff lives. Don’t tell yourself the keys belong on the credenza. Tell yourself they go in the tray that lives on the right side of the credenza. Don’t just put your purse on the hooks in the hallway. Always put it on the very left-most hook. That kind of specificity will help cement these homes for objects and hopefully help you develop a habit of putting them there.”

As I told you yesterday that Claudia had many interesting stories when we were chatting over-the-phone. One of them was a about an experience that she actually was part of it when she lived in Washington DC area. She had an acquaintance who believed in palm reading, and was convinced that if they paid a visit for one of those fancy palm reading places, they would know a lot about their future.

Image result for palm readingSo Claudia agreed to accompany Alejandra out of curiosity not because she believed in palm reading. On the specific appointment’s time, they  were both at the door, Alejandra rang the door’s bell, which was a very nice melody. She said that it was probably Mozart, or some kind of classic music. A fine young man opened the door for them, asked if they had an appointment, n their names, as if they were going to check in into an airplane, the only thing he didn’t do was looking into their purses, or have them go through one of those security screening machines.

Claudia was laughing inside of her, but she didn’t want to show it up, so it would be an embarrassment for her acquaintance. After they were seated in a very antique salon, a middle-aged woman came to the area where they were seated, and asked them to walk behind her in a corridor, where there was by its end an extravagant room. The door was decorated in golden shapes, so was the desk where that palm reader was siting with a smile on his face. He stood up and greeted the ladies, asking them to have a seat very politely.

plmrd1Oh! A lot of details, but by the end of that consultation time, and after reading Alejandra’s palm, which took approximately one hour, she was so excited, and believed in that palm reading even more than before. Claudia was watching the whole thing, and from what the reader said, it seemed that there was really some knowledge that was right about Alejandra, but she couldn’t find an explanation for that, coz that was the very first time they were to see that man in their whole life.

plm2Alejandra was told by the assistant that she would receive her invoice by mail, to the address she provided. That lady, Alejandra, was hooked up with that palm reader for almost one year, during which she paid everything she had, in order to continue in her sessions. He drained her out, n she no longer had any more sources of income, coz his bills were very high. In addition, he managed to ask her to bring cash for him in large amounts of money, with no witnesses, knowing that she was a loaded woman.

So? The guy was a hustler, nothing new? No it was not. The new part was that her husband was the one behind all of those acts; and when she discovered that, she did something to pay him back for all what he did to her. He underestimated her intelligence! [if you’re interested in knowing more details, pls email jazzy@1Zumba.com].

Palm reading is an art or a business, it depends. It exists for long time, but what is new about our palms is that there are points in our palms for each part of our bodies, which is really quite amazing.



Hey 1Zumba friend! I remember now, I meant to ask you to give me your hand to read your future. Thus you would be my first 1Zumba Palm 😉
Just kidding!

You know we love you all, and we wish you all the best, and until we talk again, remember to email and comment. Remember also to read the rest of our words; you’d enjoy it 😉



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