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Carol argued with Darrel about nature and its natural composed images. She showed us some photos that made our heads spin around.

Darrel had a theory that some people liked to hike in the forests and then changed the shapes of the trees or the stones making all kinds of strange faces, bodies, shapes, holes, or any other.

nature1.jpgCarol insisted that it was not all like that. She agreed that some could have been made by humans, but others were completely made by nature.

She added that why it would be hard for nature to do that while nature had all kinds of seas, mountains, sand; all in a tremendous variety of shapes, colors, heights, depths, extensions, altitudes, etc..

Brad thought it made sense to accept the fact that nature was capable of producing any kind of shapes, due to weather changes.

One factor has just occurred to me is that how about technology? We’ve heard and we’ve known about some who are interested to use technology in changing pictures, similar to what happens in movie tech tricks. Isn’t that possible too?

Share what you think about this subject, it’s great to hear from you!
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Until we talk again, get busy with our topics this weekend, look for your real inspiration, you’d be surprised, with out hugs and kisses



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