In Her Dreams!

Many times what you wish for is what you get, but you need to pay attention! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago! 😉

What should we say? It’s a total surprise, but someone had a dream about her. Really? Yes, She was talking to Julia Roberts in her dream, and she told all of us about it, coz she woke up in the middle of the night, feeling kind of scared.

She was suddenly in the same room with Julia Roberts, and it was quite fancy room in a luxurious hotel, and while Julia was sitting on the bed facing the door where our dreamer was standing, Julia asked her if she wanted to join her sharing that room.Qatar Airways

The girl was totally surprised coz she only knew Julia from movies, and never dreamed of a star before, to which she answered no and that she had her own room close by, but then still in a total shock, wow, did I really see Julia Roberts and talk to her? She took some steps back to exit the room. Once she was out, she found herself walking on the roof of a number of adjacent low-height buildings. The roofs were narrow when she looked down, she saw that the roofs were so narrow and that she needed to watch carefully where to put her steps lest she would fall down.

Then As if transmitted to another setting where her son was giving the waiter back Northwest Smoked Salmonsome drink tickets saying that he would come back later, so she stretched her hand towards the waiter asking him to give it to her, telling her daughter, who appeared to be there next to her, that they could use those tickets until her brother come back.

It was weird! Also our friend told her daughter about Julia and that she was embarrassed to let her know that they were staying in another hotel not in that same hotel where Julia stayed.inherdream-1

The most funny part about all of that is today I read online about Julia Roberts marriage. What a co-incidence! There must be some spiritual connection between our lady and Julia, but Congrats, what do you think?

Until we talk again, dream with our topics to get your inspiration right, with our hugs and kisses

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