Dignity People!

Ok! Let’s be brief, and focus. Thank you for being with us. Welcome from the US and Ireland.

Probably we talked about this before, but due to some new happenings, we would reiterate this for all of you, for its importance, although not clear enough for some.

Briefly, it’s not about the ¢5 you can pay for the bag, after you buy your merchandise. It’s rather about the principle.

Are you a man of dignity or not. What this has to do with dignity, someone may ask. It has everything to do with dignity. When the store wants to fool you up, does not respect you, and treat you like an ignorant, and doesn’t care less whether you – the customer- are happy or not, this cross the red line. This is shame on them. 🙄

The store force you, I, and everyone who decides to buy from it, to buy a shopping bag, a plastic or paper, which is carrying its name, to promote this name for this store everywhere you walk with this bag, which against all senses.

It’s insane that you’re promoting for someone and paying for it!

This or that store are taking advantage of you. Please be aware of this, and what makes us talk about it today is that seeing some people, who carry their things in their hands, and refuse to pay any cent for this stupid bag, which makes you an idiot, when you carry it, promoting for others, and paying your own earned money for them to do that.

We were so happy to see aware people, we were so impressed to feel that smart people Image result for customers against pay bagact right. It’s not that they read our previous articles. They probably never heard about us, but they are having the same principle, dignity people. Right?

It’s not that other people do not have dignity, or that they are stupid, and do not understand their rights. It’s only could be out of unawareness of what is going on, and the greed, which some the stores have. They want to get your skin, and under your skin if they can, so be alert, do not let them break your pride. You are the consumer. Raise your head up, and never buy from a store, that does not respect your brains.

What is this absurdity? When you see this sign, which says: “Remember to bring your bag” OMG! To that extent you are stripped of your simplest rights: to be respected, giving a nice bag to carry your merchandise. So embarrassing, to carry your own bag with you, in order to be able to put your groceries, or your clothing, or your whatever you’re buying.

Nothing could ever justify this, so let nobody sell this ridiculous idea of buying bags for you. Join the majority who chose to be proud and smart.

However, there is still very respectful department stores, which know the etiquette of dealing with clients, knowing that they should serve their clients to the best possible extent they could have. They understand how important it is to be courteous to your customers, and because of their awareness of this simple principle, they are selling more than any other stores.

It’s common sense, in a world that want to go nuts!

Let’s talk some more in few moments. Love you all ❤


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