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Guess what?

While having a ride with a school colleagueĀ  to San Francisco today, we listen to a radio program that really inspired our topic of the day!

Isn’t this cool?! We heard an expert talking about many things that were going on in our state, or our communities that were illegal or fraud; nevertheless, nobody ever pointed a finger to any of them.

Some of those activities were equal to crimes, or what he called unconventional crimes.Ā 

Alex, my colleague, remembered an incident that occurred to him lately when we listened to that radio program. He said that he stopped by a pharmaceutical retail store, and that after getting his toothpaste and mouthwash stepped towards the cashier to pay.Ā 

The big surprise was that the register attendant told him that he had to buy a bag, and that unless he bought a bag he couldn’t buy any item from the store. Of course the bag carried the name of that store. The more surprising part, he added, was that she claimed that it was by law to buy a bag each time he buys anything from that store.

Wow, wow, wow!

Alex at that time asked for a manager, who at the beginning agreed with his employee, but then he realized that he was making a big mistake, since Alex was not that kind of a guy who would swallow easily situations like that. The manager apologized and gaveĀ  him a free bag.

The point remained was how many other innocent people were deceived by that attendant’s say? Where was the law in dealing with such illegal rumors that were spreading around our communities, destroying the right info without anyone paying attention.

You used to pay good attention to your money. What happened? The truth is that it is illegal to sellĀ  store’s promotional bags to you, whether plastic or paper.Ā  You should not be chargedĀ  for carryingĀ  a bag that is promoting a store’s name .

You deserve to know this fact. We talked about it before, and we will continue talking about it, until your voice is heard.

It is a scam act to sell you a merchandise bag (respected stores do not do that)! Scam is illegal!

Until we talk again, get into the depth of our topics, and choose the ones that inspire you the most with our love and kisses ā¤



3 thoughts on “Illegal

    1. May be it is not Earth’s biggest issue, but we talk about the principle of using people and making money by spreading spam ideas among people, which is not right to do. Of course, you understand what we meant.
      Thanks for your comment.


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