Heard Voice!

You’ve got far more potentials than  you can ever imagine! It’s just a matter of realizing it. 😉 Thank you and welcome dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Brazil, Greece, Serbia, Ukraine, India, Palestinian Territories and Australia. 😉

Plenty of things are happening and keep happening. We’re happy to see that your voice was heard. Your voice change things around you. There are too many proofs of that, we’re not just saying this without an evidence.

“You are our best friends and we like to hear your voice via comments, emails, questions, etc.”, many times we wrote this phrase, and we really meant it.

Yesterday, we (a colleague and I)  stopped by one of the pharma retail stores in SophieVoiceWalnut Creek, and you wouldn’t imagine what I found.

It could be something not important for some people, but the majority would agree that it was awesome to see that, even though it could be considered not such a big deal by some.

Months ago, we wrote a post  or more about “Restrooms” and how it affected your sales and your retail store. We also wrote about the entrance of the store and how one of my friends cared so much about that to the extent that she wouldn’t go further into a store which had no ample distance right after you enter the store.

We remind you of those posts, coz my colleague pinched me in the arm when she saw the new restrooms and the distance from the entrance we previously discussed and recommended in retail stores.. It was as if they read every single word we mentioned. The structure and the way the restrooms were set up matched exactly every single point we covered in the way a restroom in a retail store should be, that is if it existed in the first place

Yes, some stores/sales points do not have restrooms (can you imagine this?), which is totally disrespectful to clients, and do not tell me that there is some security purposes not to have a rest room inside any place that is run by the money of customers, who deserve your respect, or any  other invalid excuses that make your customer  feels rather like an animal not a human being.

That is why we felt that we should mention that to you. It was a big time for us, even if it was not true that they were affected by our opinion, and just coincided with having the same ideas that we wrote about, it was still great to see and to pretend that it was our view that drove them to do that. Or at least it was an inspiration for them to remodel their store.

It was similar to the refusal of buying shopping bags that carries the name of a store, which is obviously occurred everywhere now.

That is why we are so proud to tell you that your voice is heard!

Until we chat more, keep reading what you’ve misses, and keep well with our hugs and kisses

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