You are absolutely smart! We know that and you need to know that and to do more! 😉 Great to have you all with us, friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Ukraine, Italy, and India 😉

It is said that you are addicted to your cell phone coz it is an extension for yourself. Is this true? Just a quick question for you to think about it, but it is not our topic today.

It  was extremely interesting to hear about something we never imagine that we would hear about it here in the Bay Area.

A neighbor was screaming when we were passing by, my friend and I, but there was no-one there. We thought that she had some mental thing. We pretended that we didn’t recognize that she was talking to herself in a strange manner.

But she called on us, shouting out: “Pls I need help”. We both turned around towards her, and asked: ” how can we help”.

She said: “I have a huge problem”. 

“What is it”, we both asked at the same time.

She answered: “It’s rats! They got me out of my mind. They drive me crazy my God! I don’t know I don’t know what else I should be doing to get rid of them. Pls tell me what to do.”

Our jaws went down to the max in a big surprise. That was the last thing that could come to our minds, since she lived in a great modern home in a very nice neighborhood, that never before was exposed to any rat attacks.

It didn’t stop there!

After suggesting to her that she should contact the phone numbers  of the county office to report that as a health problem, another neighbor said that he had the same problem adding that he used all known methods of getting rid of them but he didn’t succeed in that, and that instead of eliminating them they increased in number.

At that point, we went even more in our astonishment towards what was going on. Then when we got to school, we heard from teachers there who lived in Oakland that the rats were everywhere crossing the grass around the lake with no fear from human beings, and that the county was doing nothing for that epidemic.

OMG! That was the unexpected event to end our year with; however, we need to take it seriously and to deal with it quickly and completely.

Image result for the pied piper storyAs bad as it was, one thing kept coming to my mind, which was the story of the “Pied Piper“, and if you didn’t read it yet, pls do to know why it is associated with rats in my mind.

The most funny news was that Sweden was having the same problem, but we don’t know its size there, or its size here.

We’ll talk to you again in few moments. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses

. Rats Solutions.



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