Serious Business!

Life is a serious business, so if you can’t run your life, what do you think would happen to your business?!  Thank you for being with us one more time today. Friends and readers from the US, Philippines, Australia, Turkey, & Ireland, welcome back.

It came to our knowledge that some people suffer from a serious phenomenon in Antioch, CA, which is having rats or mice in their homes. Some of them living in the roofs; other live in the foundation, or under the ground.

Image result for holes in the ceiling by rats

The way I heard people talk about it, got me scared! For one thing, there were kids involved in some of the incidents, for another, they didn’t seem to be fully aware of the extent of danger they are exposed to.

Mice, rats and the parasites that come with them can carry a number of diseases, some of which are potentially deadly to humans, like Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. Oh, and what about Bubonic Plague, also known as Black Death?

Even their droppings are very serious. 

Can you vacuum mouse droppings?
water or spray a disinfectant or bleach solution on gloves before taking them off. Clean-up tip: Do not sweep or vacuum up mouse or rat urine, droppings, or nests. This will cause virus particles to go into the air, where they can be breathed in.
During one of these incidents, unfortunately, a family was celebrating the birthday for one of their kids, and all of a sudden 4 small mice dropped on the cake from an opening in the ceiling.
It’s scary, disgusting, and dangerous to have kids in a place under these circumstances, but things happen, and we all hope that they would find the fast right solution for that serious problem.

Hugs & kisses ❤

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