Nvmd! Whoever spoke badly of someone else, would do the same for you. What else would you expect?! 😉 Thank you for coming to our pages today from the US, India, Turkey, and Kenya. 😉

We’ve just talked about rats and mice, and the big problem that faces many people in the Bay Area, CA.

As a brief continuation for that incident, it came to our knowledge that many Safeway Stores were marked closed for being heavily infected by rats and their dangerous effects on people’s food items. We hope that that epidemic would not extend to more food stores. 🙄

Now talking about home decor, it is amazing how to be able to access all the different kinds of bedrooms’ decoration now online. Before the internet and Google search, there were thousands of paper magazines for decoration purposes. Many are still there, but the point is that now it is totally different world, more accessible than ever before.

Related imageImage result for real bedroom in the spanish royal

Seeing the royal bedrooms which are full of art make us wonder about the feeling of living there. It may feel as if you would be in a museum rather than  in a simple common home with no golden ornaments nor priceless paintings! 🙄

Of course rats will not attack places like these, they only exist in poorer neighborhood, don’t they?

Until we chat again, let’s enjoy our online pictures and paintings. They still give us joy to see thinking of them as sources of beauty.

Let’s hear from you with our love and kisses

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