Youth & Credit Cards!

You have a gift! You can get to the right solutions. Timing is a key. You’ve got to feel that it is the right time! 😉 Thank you our readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, Turkey, and Kenya 😉

Is it interesting to have plenty of ideas in your mind? Or is it hard to handle all these streams of thoughts?

It all depends on how you can use this gift!Sophie-YouthCreditCrds

Not too many people have pure ideas as you are, some have few ideas but they can make a big project out of it. They can speak about it day and night, thinking that it is the best idea in the whole world.

Why they think that? Because they do not have too many of them, just a few to deal with life and its hard experiences.

Where is our youth from all of this? Are they aware of that? Where are you from all of this? Why don’t you talk? Why don’t you speak up your mind? Why are you so submissive?

If you are one of the youth, you would know why you feel tired and heavy in your thoughts and your moves. You would know that credit cards drew you down to the bottom of the community without any mercy. You would have to work day and night to pay your minimum limit to your cards.

You are stripped of your simplest right in your life, which is “To Enjoy Life”!240_f_136469401_p6yrjkre1akubno24vtjhr8zgbgcgtfw

You can’t enjoy life if you’re suffering of debts. You can’t enjoy life if you’re struggling with financial problems, with no solution in hand, or no solution apparent to you.

But, don’t give up! There is always financial solutions you are not aware of, and you might never thought that they exist.

Talk to professional financial adviser, or to someone older than you are. Do not try to do something foolish in order to solve your financial issues.

It is only money. And money is nothing!

We give the value for money. It is just papers that were invented to satisfy  certain needs in the trade market.

Live your life and enjoy it. Never surrender to bad thoughts and criminal ideas. You are talented and you have a wonderful future. You are youth and the future is yours.

Educate yourself about financial matters. Do not believe everything you are told about money market. Do your homework. Do you research. You have tools that were never available for previous generations. Use your beautiful mind. If you want to try an investment, start with a minimum amount of money. Take it one step at a time, so you wouldn’t regret it later on.

We hope that you and all other young people enjoy their lives, without being ripped of their best time of their lives.

Until we talk again, enjoy our topics, and go through it looking for your keys of inspiration. I assure you you’d find it with our hugs and kisses

. Understand credit.

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