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Can you help people who are so desperate and want to end their own lives?

A broke Manhattan chiropractor and his wife jumped to their deaths from an office building Friday — leaving suicide notes describing how they “cannot live with” their “financial reality,” law-enforcement sources said. More

Suicide-SophieCredit cards’ debts can cause suicidal thoughts while getting severe depression. It is a sad topic to talk about but its rates are getting higher and we need to ask you to help each other. When you see that your friend, family, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone you know started to show any symptoms of depression, pls either you help that person or report the problem to some officials who are concerned with these type of issues.

Your life if precious so are others!

We will talk soon about our cheerful topic of “Beauty” and we’ll bring you some fun- may be a new joke or a funny picture!

Until we talk again, keep safe with our hugs and kisses




4 thoughts on “Suicide!

  1. Thank you for sharing. In these crazy days of world tragedies, we must all come together & love & help one another in anyway we can. It’s amazing what one can of food, one coat, one blanket & kind works can do for another human being! Love and peace to everyone!

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