Should You Care?!

Honestly speaking, are you stealthy? First thank you for being here and going through many of our topics. Welcome new friends from the US, the UK, India, Indonesia, Spain, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Germany 😉

  • “Why should we care?”, asked my 1Zumba friend, “It’s a short time on Earth, and we would continue our journey and leave to somewhere else.”  
  • Coz if we did, we would understand more, and if we understood more, we would react in a rational way. We would reach  peaceful solutions. Yes, we are all leaving this world, but with better understanding, we may enjoy better life, n be ready for other future unknown events.” More

It’s all philosophy, and by the end of the day, it didn’t matter. Whether you like to 20171014_132011enjoy your life or not is completely up to you! And you better do 😛 coz nobody would really care if you did or not. Try to live with that!

There is more than one option for you to follow:

. You can live day by day without any planning or any thinking of the future. 

. You can plan every movement you’re doing once you reach an age when you can understand the various options you have in life.

. You can follow the steps of someone else, instead of having a new plan.

. You can just relax take it easy living a primitive life, fishing or farming simple doing.

. You can plan some of your future and leave some to life wherever it takes you.

. You can ask advice from your mom or dad on what you should do and do it.

. You can have five-year plans, so every term will start with goals and by the end you would evaluate your progress, and start a new term.

. You can leave everything to the circumstances, and believe in the big plan that life has for you. You would try your best, do your homework, earn your living, and respect others.

I had a walk at the beach the other day. It was a lot of fun. I could see real smiles on the faces of kids and adults, who were doing nothing except laying down under the sun. May be that is what you should be doing. 🙄

Until we chat again, stay cool with our world of fun, and with our hugs and kisses


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