1Zumba Puzzle

We greet you  and we always love you for being with us reading our thoughts giving us your precious time, n sharing our real time experiences. So thank you everyone from everywhere in our planet- Earth, or from any other planet  😉

Our special thanks today go for our new visitors n followers from the US, the UK, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, New Zealand, Macedonia, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, Austria, Bulgaria, n Portugal  😉

What do you think our 1Zumba friend? Oh! By the way, before I forget,  yesterday everyone in our 1Zumba class enjoyed the new shaking routine, thank you our 1Zumba instructor for that. Almost lost 3 pounds in one round. I didn’t regret driving in the rains 😉 Unbelievable!

whySince we raised up some questions about the “Why”, again, we  emphasize the importance of “Why”.

We all have smart brains, working for us day and night, 24/7 nonstop, why don’t we take advantage of them, utilize them the right way, and ask the most legitimate question: Why  😮

why1“Why should we care?”, asked my 1Zumba friend, “It’s a short time on Earth, and we would continue our journey and leave for or to somewhere else.”  Coz if we did, we would understand more, and if we understood more, we would react in a rational way. We would reach  peaceful solutions. Yes, we are all leaving this world, but with better understanding, we may enjoy better life, n be ready for other future unknown events.

why3Many people go to physicians, complaining about certain symptoms, n they end up in the surgery room, with no real need for an operation, except the fact that they never asked the right questions for their doctors. Your physician tries to help you, but unless you talk to her/him/hx  n ask questions, there is no other way to be helped appropriately.

why4The top question on your list is the “Why”. Why should we take this medicine if it had all these side effects?! Why should we attend this class? Why should we believe what we are told, if we really did not see it with our own eyes? Why should we react to TV news, when they are mostly fabricated for bigger entities to make profits? Why should we care about our planet? Why should we accept things we have doubts about it? Why not to speak our minds loudly and frankly without fear from here or there? Etc…

crd2A long trail of questions of “why” will pop up in your mind, once you opened that door. Do not be intimidated, open one door at a time, and continue. You are meant to see things, to discover new doors, to record what you see and what you experience.

You are a human being, and you are born intelligent. So let others respect your brain, and treat you right. You deserve to have the same exact opportunity in good life like others, my 1Zumba fellow! You might be the genius of this century, who knows? Or may be you have one of the rare “Volcano” minds!

My son had a book titled “Start With Why”, by Simon Sinek, which talked about the “Why” from a business perspective, focusing on business models n reasons behind the successful leaders.

So the “Why” of course is related to everything in our lives. It is smart to look into it whenever you have the time, coz it would take you where intelligent people are.

tjMy uncle used to love an old song by Tom Jones, called “Delilah”, within the beginning of its lyrics, it contained the word: “Why”, three times. It was on the top of the chart at his time. So, what do you think, my 1Zumba Friend? Was one of the reasons for its success including the “Why”?  haha!

You don’t think so; it’s just a romantic song. So what do you think? Are you saying that romance should not include the “Why” ghost question? On the contrary, it should be the v 1st question in almost everything, especially when it comes to heart matters. However, the truth is when you are attracted to someone, sometimes you lose control, it all depends on the intensity of the magnetism going between both of you; similar to Romeo & Juliet, or others, haha!

Fascinating! Love you all, and probably tomorrow I can take you to a romance where you can solve our  1Zumba puzzle, or why  😉


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