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Never hard to educate yourself. It’s just a matter of allocating time. This is where my friend Barbara interjected saying that she didn’t have the time even for her own kids. The only reason she considered for not having the time, was that she was after making her first million dollars.517a3e762e3020722f8a7eacf4cda675
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Now, you can imagine how that burden would be. She dedicated her life to pursue that goal. She’s been there for some time now, hanging up to her family, but spreading her symptoms among her friends and family members, to the extent that some of them have left to Europe seeking the same dream she had.GeekstoreMichelle, as well as some others, was able to see that it had become like an illness, but it was good to see someone who was dedicated firmly to her goal like that. One Related imageof things she talked about from time to time was diamonds. 

Diamonds world is full of terminology not everyone familiar with; it’s like any other trade has its own terms to describe things and make them sound special for your ears. One of the things that might attract you is the anatomy of a diamond. Have a look here at that diagram. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

There’s more.

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