Never Enough!

Are you lucky in love? Then the chances are that you are…, but let’s first hello and welcome our new readers and friends from everywhere; particularly, the US, India, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Australia, n Brazil 😉

In love” has classified you into 4 categories, I wonder if you would agree to this sorting or not:

1- The one who chooses one person from the very beginning of her/his life, Image result for a couplein middle school, in high school, or even before that, and continues with the chosen person for the rest of her/his life.

2- The one who chooses not to choose a life partner, and decides that marriage and family life is not for her/him, and just lives for herself/himself, and no bother about anything else. S/he will not get matched with anyone, always solo.

3- The one who tries to be the first kind but fails, and re-tries one more time, and again fails, but losing faith in relationships will not stop her/him from trying to get into a solid engagement with someone new.

4- The one who decides not to get involved in a serious relationship, Image result for a couplealthough s/he continues to be in relationship with one or more, but with no intention for marriage or family. S/he wants to enjoy the moments, the company, the experiences, and nothing else.

Emotional, physical, & intellectual elements are intricate in these four kinds of categories. Not only that, each person’s background can also play unique role in her/his personal characteristics.

Take for instance John. He is outgoing and can talk easily to almost anyone. Sarah is more reserved and prefers socializing in small groups. She finds herself hurt and uncomfortable when John makes the rounds at Image result for a coupleparties, leaving her to fend for herself. He can’t understand why she prefers the wallflower approach.

Darrell is practical and pays close attention to details. It is second nature for him to keep careful records of how he spends money. Record keeping is not that important to Kate. She feels restricted when she has to stop and make note of every transaction, as Darrell would prefer.

Tracy is quick to notice people’s feelings and tries to avoid arguments. Chris is firm-minded and enjoys a good argument. He likes to analyze, and persuade with the use of logic. It frustrates him when Tracy says that he is not listening to her Image result for a couplewhen he’s only trying to prove his point.

Michael wishes Anna would pay more attention to punctuality and get to places on time. He prefers life on a schedule and would not think of being late himself. Anna wishes that Michael would be more flexible and not get so uptight about 5 or 10 minutes.

That is why being in love is never enough for marriage; there is more you should keep a close eye to, before taking the step to getting married, and regretting it the 2nd week of your marriage. Then, you’d be classified to one of the top categories we mentioned earlier.

Remember to review our topics list page; we’re sure that you’d find something special! 🙄

Love, hugs, and kisses for all of you


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