Let’s Talk Money!

Time changes you without your consent; some feelings you lost never will come back. 😉 Dear current and new readers and friends from everywhere, and especially from the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Romania, Canada, Netherlands, & Mexico  😉

Hey, where are you now my 1Zumba friend? Us, Here, it’s raining! Outside, it’s getting colder and chillier, and inside, with us, it’s getting warmer, and cozier! Wherever you are, just grab your tea, coffee, water, or whatever , and let’s chat 😉

My colleague, Janet,  told me that there was an argument  the other day about “1Zumba Sex” blog we had two days ago. Few educators are still too conservative, or so they say, to the extent that they prefer not to have the word “Sex” in an article title. OMG, that was a complete surprise, coz the title wasn’t even about any sex, it was about gender. In other words, the word “sex”  in that context was for the classification of human beings’ genders. However, she said that the majority supported our blog, and even used it as the best example in talking about that subject! We were so happy to hear that 🙂

It made me wonder how non-academic people would react then when they read it!

We thought may be if we chat about money, this would be more appealing, coz as you know, when it comes to money, making money, or earning more money, this would be of great interest to everyone.

Many years ago, my 1Zumba friend, I attended a class of banking & financial matters. Dee was the instructor, and she was working also in Disney Land Credit Union. She was a talented lady, innovative in her methods of teaching, and I myself use similar approaches while teaching my students. I was helping her with all kinds of  techniques that would make you feel that you’re playing games, while in fact, you’re learning heavy n complicated concepts without using complex terminology.

Few years later, when I had a Harvard course about “Contracts”, which examined deeply profound financial matters as well as others, I discovered that there was an area in wealth that nobody touched at all! 🙄

The funny thing is that, many people are interested in making money, but they are not as much interested in understanding what money is. For me, that class opened the door for a long reading list in the field of money, wealth, investment, and finances. And trust me, it’s another worldSeaBear Chowder & Soups

More than anything else, people want to spend money! We’ll talk about that later in another chat.

Earning money is not as hard as you think. You can earn money using endless simple methods. It is better for you first to decide about your objective of making money, and how much you want to make, and what are the legal/illegal methods you have available in your area to achieve your goal, and you want to have some kind of knowledge about this work you want to do, and figure out what are the channels that lead there.

Other elements are involved, but for now, let’s consider those we have just mentioned.: Why? How much? When? Where? What?

Under the why comes: do you want money to live a simple life, to eat , drink, shelter, etc or to live a sophisticated life like a doctor, a singer, an engineer, etc or to live a higher powerful life, such as a politician, a judge. You get my point?

mn1Under the How much, it would come, the question of: do you want to earn $ 100.000 / yr, or $ 250,000/yr or more? Simple jobs can earn $ 10,000 to 15,000/ yr, is this what you are looking for?

When” question will bring the thoughts of are you ready to start now your journey, or do you need to be a student first, and have no background at all at anything (which is impossible coz even a kid would be able to wait tables) also, it would bring the idea of for how long do you want to be locked up in a job? What kind of benefits this job would bring to you over the years?

It is good to do this with yourself, or with one of your family members, someone you trust, or someone you appreciate her opinions in life matters, or whoever. The where question is related apparently to the place where you live or like to live in the future. If you are thinking of traveling abroad, and try your chances in other countries, it is a possibility. You will need to consider the weather, and the chances open to you in those mn8places.

Some people do not know that some States offer free land for new comers, I think  Montana is one of them. This is a good start for ambitious families. To read about the standard of living in the city you choose will be of a huge benefit for you to take your final decision. Other factor, if you have some relatives who live in a certain place, and you want to be near them, it all depends.

The last question is the “What”: what do you want to do? What do you like to do for making money, and you will be quite surprised to see how vast the world of jobs or professions are, and how huge the world of business is. At one point, you would choose if you would go for private business, working for yourself, or for a job or a profession. Keep in mind that few people worldwide are interested in learning or studying money. Some thinkers say that educating people about money can bring wealth to nations, while others believe that the more people know about money, the more rebellion they will be!

It’s your life journey 1Zumba friend, I know it’s [hard], but it should be coz it’s going to be the plan for your whole life, do you expect a whole life journey to be built on loose basis, without talking about the route you would take in order to get to where you want to be. Of course not. I’m glad that you understand. Then, let’s talk money!  😉

Love your comments guys on all topics, awaiting   😉 We still have many secrets we want to share with every single one of you. Keep reading n between the lines too 

May be, you and I, are  thankful for the Creator of our world, all planets, all galaxies, n everything.


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