1Zumba Hillary or Trump?

Thank you dear current and future friends, especially the new readers who have just joined us from the US, Canada, Russia, the UK, France, Colombia, Belgium, & Germany  😉

zmToday it is raining here cats and dogs as they say, or in other words it is heavy downpour of rain, so I would miss my 1Zumba classes, Oops! So due to these weather circumstances, I’ll have my virtual 1Zumba class today instead of my normal physical class. It’s convenient for me and you to do this today, if the weather is like ours, haha! https://www.fitnfast.com.au/virtual-group-fitness-classes/

3Lately, there has been a lot of debate about: Is it going to be Hillary or Trump? What do you think my 1Zumba friend?


Some are saying that it’s just a game, and that Trump is playing an act to get all the attention, and then he will leave his spot empty, to have Hillary win the Presidency race. You must be kidding me. Isn’t it so naïve to think this way?

ptMany questions are out there, and people have no answers; all what is happening, is only speculations and gossips. They tried to insert Putin’s name to add some spices to the meal, but where is the proof that Putin said this or that. The man is innocent until he is proved to be guilty.

So! Who is  it gonna be? Who is gonna be the Chef for our kitchen, my 1Zumba friend?  Is it gonna be 1Zumba Hillary or Trump?  😉

Probably we should think and talk about it some more!

Love you all our dear friends  😉



2 thoughts on “1Zumba Hillary or Trump?

  1. I think that the people of all nations had better pray that the U.S. doesn’t elect an open fascist with racist agenda. People with even a mild sense of curiosity about history knows where this goes…but this time the nation that seems to be at the end of it’s tether is armed beyond every other country combined.

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