Your Health-Fitness!

Hang onto us, you’ll find plenty to comment on or to argue about, it’s all up to you! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back dearest friends, readers, and writers from the US and India! šŸ˜‰ Fitness, guys! Fitness! Steve made me think, when I saw him in his sleeveless top looking in good shape, that we didn’t speak … More Your Health-Fitness!

1Zumba Happy Italy!

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Well, well, well! What do you really want me to say for such a wonderful group of readers and visitors, who sent me the prettiest words, and the loveliest comments ever? It wouldn’t be enough to say thank you, but I do thank you very much for every nice moment…

Dancing Fitness!

Gingerly treat yourself out of the options, the ones that you prefer staying away from, for your best interest! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Canada, India, and Trinidad & Tobago šŸ˜‰ Monica phoned Smith yesterday asking for an advice on being lazy and cutting down on her normal exercising hours due … More Dancing Fitness!


Originally posted on 1Zumba.Com:
Our dearest new friends from the US, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Canada, the UK,Ā nĀ Trinidad & Tobago, we love you so muchĀ  šŸ˜‰ Our fabulous current readers, visitors, & followers from everywhere, we appreciate your time, and we are here for you every moment, just remember you have us waiting for you…


A stone is worthy than the another, only coz you put a price to it! šŸ˜‰ Here we meet again dear friends from the US, the UK, India, Brazil, Mongolia, Spain, Belgium, and Germany šŸ˜‰ Is this how you feel? Out of power? Out of energy? Did you ask yourself why? Is this the first … More Over-Exercising?


Never underestimate walking at brisk, it’s always rejuvenating! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back dear friends from the US,Ā Australia, Brazil, Qatar, France, the UK, Japan, Latvia, and Russia Slicing apples and stringing them up to dry by the fire, that’s an old way may be used decades ago, but people were having fun at that time, more than … More Walking!

Your Fitness!

You’re reaching for the sky! šŸ˜‰ Hello everyone from the US, India, Kenya, Poland, South Africa, and Chile šŸ˜‰ Welcome to your site. You will have fun with our newĀ post, and you’ll be inspired with all kinds of new ideas. Remember that all what you need is one idea. The relationship between your physical exercise … More Your Fitness!

1st Picture!

Only if it takes you forward, go with it! Your emotions! Forget it if it’s pulling you down! šŸ˜‰ Thank you and welcome all our new friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Japan,Ā Slovenia,Ā Mexico, the UK, Australia, Switzerland,India, Chile,Ā Algeria, the UAE, Philippines, New Zealand, France, and Macedonia šŸ˜‰ When it’s the right song at the … More 1st Picture!

Your Physical Therapy!

Pay attention! You should know the reasons before taking an action! šŸ˜‰ Welcome our new friends and readers from the US,Ā India, New Zealand, the UK, Poland, Egypt, Canada, Turkey, and Australia. šŸ˜‰ The fire is not contained yet in Northern CA, and the number of casualties increased since yesterday, and many people became homeless, but … More Your Physical Therapy!

SuperStar Bollybeats!

Dear friends and readers, welcome to our “good-stuff” world . Thank you folks & followers from the US, Australia, Mexico, Uganda, Ireland, New Zealand, France, n Romania šŸ˜‰ Today we have a new Star with us, in a new interview in 7000 SuperStars. He is from India, and in the world of dancing. Ā Let’s see … More SuperStar Bollybeats!

Reprogram Your Swan!

I bet you don’t know this. First thank you for coming, friends from the US, The United Arab Emirates, & Vietnam šŸ˜‰ Maybe you heard about it?! You’ll find out soon šŸ˜‰ It is said that posture can straighten your back. Is this true? Walking Posture: . Keep the head up and eyes looking straight … More Reprogram Your Swan!

Jacky, 1Zumba France!

Welcome welcome our dearest readers from everywhere. The same goes for dear friends, very welcome to our pages. Our special greetings are for the US, Malaysia, the UK, Canada, Romania, n Sweden šŸ˜‰ December 13 Sophie:Ā I prefer to use this texting method here, i hope you don’t mind , 12/13, 4:55am,Ā Jacky PichonniĆØre Ā Jacky PichonniĆØre Not … More Jacky, 1Zumba France!

Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum!

Great day guys! Welcome to our world of We do thank everyone who appreciates our words, especially the US, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany,New Zealand, Jordan, European Union, Serbia,South Korea, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Ukraine, Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia, & Hong Kong SAR China šŸ˜‰ We’ll introduce our new … More Roll Up-Sleeves-Hands-Dirty 1Zum!


…… but almost with each single magician, there is a very interesting hidden story, and you’ve got to dig dee………………………… … More Magic!