Dancing Fitness!

Gingerly treat yourself out of the options, the ones that you prefer staying away from, for your best interest! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Canada, India, and Trinidad & Tobago 😉

Monica phoned Smith yesterday asking for an advice on being lazy and cutting down on her normal exercising hours due to extending her work hours. Smith, Jamie, Peter , and I discussed the best options for her to regain her interest in getting into exercise again.D

Although we previously spoke about fitness, but this is a new different situation. Here’s what we came up with:

It’s quite simple! Music + Dance + Exercise = Fitness Dancing. Close enough? This is what many persons say when I ask them for what they call those three elements together.

Others called it Dancing Fitness. Whether it is the first term or the last one. It ‘s basically fitness via exercising with music. It is the easiest way to exercise at your own pace at home without even bothering to drive to your fitness club.

What you can do is to listen to as many songs as you can, not necessarily in one day. You can spread them out for a week. Take your time. The purpose is to enjoy what you’re going to do, and to keep fit at the same time.

Once you are done with the first step which is choosing the songs you like and having them all together in your related file, in your computer or on your cell phone, you would start listening to that list. The reason is that you will need to re-arrange these songs.

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Supposedly you’ve selected 50 songs, there will be different rhythm for each of them: some are faster than the others. Therefore, you’ll need to organize them according to your physical needs and preferences. You may like to start with slower tempo songs to warm up first, then the faster ones. You can also have one slow song then one fast song.

It’s totally up to you to arrange your songs in the best way that suits your physical fitness’ purposes.

Your next step would be watching some fitness movements on your computer, selecting the moves that better accommodate your level of energy. You can take some notes or draw some sketches that would remind you of the moves you’re going to use during listening to your songs.

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Some of the moves will help you lose weight or strengthen the muscles, in certain parts of your body, so pay attention to the details of the moves when you’re deciding about using them.

Don’t be surprised when you feel that some songs would have that kind of magical effect on you. Instantly you can move and you can exercise/dance. You don’t need to be a professional dancer in order to succeed in doing some steps that would go with the music or the song you’re listening to.

Trust yourself! Nobody is around you to get shy or to be embarrassed if you didn’t follow with the music. It’s all for one purpose, and one purpose only: your fitness!

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Until we chat again, manage your fitness along with your topics, with our hugs and kisses
d kisses ❤

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