Your Ideas!

You might get hurt more from the closest ones to you, trust is so dear commodity now! 😉 Thank you for being here dearest friends and readers from the US, the UK, India, Canada, and Costa Rica 😉

Sometimes, it’s just a simple idea but it didn’t occur to you, until you see someone else came up and said it. Moreover, that person who took the time to investigate that idea, would make a fortune out of that simple thinking moment.

It could happen to you too. Perhaps you had a good idea, but you didn’t think about it deeply enough to see it through; or may be you were not sure if it was going to work or not; or you could have been discouraged by someone else. Whatever the case was, your idea was never left your mind, but it was killed by an external element.

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The best thing to handle this is to put your idea on paper. If you don’t have the time, just send it over to us, we will study it for you, and publish it, only if you wish to hear the people’s  comments about it. No charges, no fees, or any demands on our side. It’s a service that we can provide you with for free.

In the meantime, Jacky found the car jack business has come lately with a number of solutions for your jack. Of course you know that when your cars’ tires go flat, you’d need to change them. If that happened in an isolated area, you need to be ready to handle it yourself instead of waiting for long hours for the help to come to you.Geekstore

It has been hard for people having small bodies to change a flat tire, male or female, but with the new inventions, it has become very simply handled, efficiently and conveniently as well. Here’s some recent examples of these devices:  an Exhaust Dual Use Exhaust Jack Off Road Lifting Air Bag Off Road Jack Vehicle, and a 2.5 Ton Double Bag Air Jack Pneumatic Jack Lifting Heavy Duty Lift Jack 5500 LBS

You would admire these two products if you were among the people who found it difficult to deal with that old jack style. It all depends on the nature of your work, and how long you stay on the road.

Both examples illustrate how ideas can develop tremendously into something beautifully adapted to the real needs of the people. This is how it should be when it comes to new ideas. Talk to us about yours!

Some products died being replaced by others! For example, you don’t see phone books or phone booths any more. Your smart phone dimmed down the lights on them. They are not in demand any more.

Until we chat again, expect more inspiration from our topics, with our hugs and kisses
kisses ❤

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