Natural Nails!

It is said when the cat is absent, the mouse is on play! 😉 Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, India, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania, and Chile 😉

K.K. suggested that song for us to listen to while we were editing your post for today. I thought we should share it with you:

Her voice is very distinguished. Voices are amazingly different, and each one of them has it own beauty!

Nathan mentioned that many people could not explain to their kids how nails grow up in their fingertips or toe tips, and that we should continue talking about the parts of your body, not necessarily in an anatomy class but rather simple.

How do your nails grow? Your nail consists of many different parts: a visible part which is called nail plate, and a nail plate lies on the nail bed. Matrix is the area where nail growth originates. It lies below the skin. Matrix has specialized cells which keep dividing and creating nail cells.Image result for Nails

Your nail cells grow and produce a hard protein called keratin. These keratin filled cells are pushed forward as more new cells are formed behind them. Eventually, the keratin filled cells die and flatten to form the nail plate.

Your hard keratin in these dead cells gives strength to the nail and makes it hard. Your nails protect your finger tips.

Moreover, by observing the condition of your nails, doctors can get clues about your overall health.

Until we talk again, keep watching for our topics, send comments, with our hugs and kisses

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