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Thanks for being here friends and readers. Our greetings to the current as well as the new readers from the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, n Brazil 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, it is nice to see an old friend, after long time of absence or being busy somewhere, away from everyone else. Thanks for visiting  Walnut Creek, my dear 1Zumba friend, we really enjoyed your company. 🙂

Dr. Ben Kim told us that our nails actually serve a number of helpful functions, the most obvious ones being:

1. The ability to work with small objects, like when you’re peeling an orange, tying or untying a knot.

2. The ability to get a sense of an object’s weight and texture; when your fingers or toes touch an object, sensory receptors in your nails register a change in resistance, and the degree of change in resistance is what gives your brain an idea of the weight and texture of the object that you are touching.

A simple test that you can perform on yourself is (capillary refill test),  by pressing down on your fingernail, maintaining this pressure until blood circulation is compromised enough to turn the nail white, and then releasing the nail and observing the length of time that’s required for the nail to fill up with blood and turn a healthy pink again.

If blood circulation is reasonably strong, your nail should turn pink within 2 seconds or less. If blood circulation is compromised, capillary refill time increases.

Going to nail salons continuously without taking any  break, can cause many damages to your nails. Like anything else in your body, nails require a break from time to time, and the best time of the year to do that is winter and spring.


Latifa said to my friend, “Personally, I had two bad experiences when I was using more than one salon to care for my nails. Out of being busy, and running all the time, I didn’t care much when selecting the nails care spots I used.

That taught me a lesson, after suffering from some fungus due to the lack of cleanliness standards in one of the places I used to go to.

Because sometimes, the place would look to you very clean, but the truth was that they did not wash regularly the towels, they were using, or the temperature was less than the one that should be used.”

Similar to not to apply make up and get ready for the summer, you should relieve your nails a bit of colors and products especially if you are one of those who love applying strong colors throughout the winter. 

Let’s have a break and get back to you in a little bit. Stay around with our love and kisses 😉


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