Our appreciation and thanks today is for the current readers from everywhere on our Earth, and for our new friends from the US, Canada, the UK, Russia, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Syria, n  India 😉

If you want to be à la mode, it’s great, just be careful, coz not every mode it for you. The latest in the make-up world, is the  Clumpy Lashes and Faux Freckles!

Many people do not like wrinkles. This is natural, coz aging makes you feel older than others. Of course, wiser than others too, but this is not enough. You want to be young all the time. You wish to have the magic ring, to take you back to teenager’s age, haha!

There is plenty of new looks in make-up in the year 2016, but most of them would be dramatically used by people in fashion,  movies, TV shows, theater; people under the spotlights.

Also, there is tremendous amount of new make-up products, for your skin,  lips,  legs, hands, nails, you name it; every part of your body you can think of, haha!

Here’s some new NY make-up trends that you can steal for this year. More It’s nice to be aware of what is going on, even if you are not going to apply it on yourself. It gives you the sense of being engaged with the world you live in, in a way.

Before I forget, I need to mention the new invention that I promised to tell you about. It is about wearable drones, which was said, they are right there in the horizon, and that they would be changing a lot of things we used to dramatically.

Breathe-A-drone“Wearable drones may be buzzing on the horizon. As drones become increasingly sophisticated, they will soon take on the roles currently performed by smartphones, tech futurist and designer Adam Pruden argued that the future may hold wearable drones that interact with users, other people and objects in public space; as the skies fill with drones, they may even get their own superhighways and charging stations to go long distances, he speculated.”

Well some people think that drones will turn our lives upside down; while others are not exactly into drones, or other distractions. What do you think, my dear 1Zumba friend?! I know that you prefer to talk about beauty and make-up, am I right? Oh, or may be not?

So, in brief the new make-up trends tend to have the blue color prevailing this year, for some reason, for the eye shadow, for the hair. You can choose from among wide range of options, whatever you prefer. This is just from 1Zumba make-up 😉

Thank you for being with us today. Happy monday everyone, and we’ll talk again in a little bit. Be cool, cheers ❤

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