1Zumba, Libraries!

Dear friends and readers, we are delighted and thankful to have you with us everyday, especially our new ones from the US, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Chile, the UK, n Egypt 😉

Hello dear 1Zumba friend, you probably spent third of your life in the library, as most of us did. Libraries are our friends. We need them in our communities, to sustain too many beautiful things in our lives.


Some people predicted the less role for libraries, due to the digital age, we all live in, but it came up that, on the contrary, they were essential part of it. “a shift from being housed strictly in physical spaces and are moving onto the web. This transition is creating an identity crisis for libraries,. It also means incredible possibilities for learning outcomes across the globe with digital archives connecting students, teachers, and researchers-enhancing the sharing of information….”

Five ways that libraries changed though: 1) Access through info sharing, 2) Tech hubs, , 3) Budget cuts adjustment, 4) Stronger role, n 5) Printed books still dominating. This is similar to the TV, when it first appeared, it was said that movie theaters would not survive, and that everyone would prefer to stay home, watching TV. What do you think?

Where is the future taking our libraries? More

Berkeley Library – March 2016 – by Sophie

My own opinion is that libraries are our real treasures; they hold all our heritage, our sciences, and they keep connecting the past with the future. They cost a lot of money to be built, and to provide their continuous services to the public.  One of my daughter’s friends, Meila, her dream is to become a librarian. She’s working hard in order to achieve her dream, and I can see that she’s doing very well, focused, and knows exactly where to put her feet. I love people who know what they want. 

GermanyLibLibraries budgets could be very high; we’re talking millions, or billions: here’s few examples:

“–During fiscal year 2012, academic libraries spent about $3.4 billion on salaries and wages, representing 49 percent of total library expenditures (table 8).

— Academic libraries spent a total of approximately $2.8 billion on information resources (table 9). Of that, expenditures for electronic current serial subscriptions totaled about $1.4 billion.

— During fiscal year 2012, academic libraries spent approximately $123.6 million for bibliographic utilities, networks, and consortia (table 10).”

You see how huge some budgets are?! But still, libraries’ budgets need to be developed further, in order to cope with the fast trends in our technology. Read details

NY lib
There are many huge libraries in the US, and they are our source of pride. They carry our heritage to our next generations, and they will continue in having essential role in our communities, no matter how tech changed us. You would be amazed when you know about all the activities the libraries provide us with!

Sally, thank you for your nice suggestions, and we’re working on having something special for you and your friends. You are welcome to send any video of yours or your friends. I hope that you would enjoy our post today, since this is one of your suggested topics 🙂

We have to go now, to attend a gala sponsored by our 1Zumba library, and we’ll be back in a little while. Stay there, don’t go anywhere. Just try to read our previous posts, to get the flavor of our world, until we chat more about another modernization that would take place in our lives soon. Here’s our hugs 😉




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