Go Crazy!

My dear 1Zumba friends, physical fitness is a bless!

One of my favorite subjects, about which I could write continuously, is my 1Zumba classes. The reason is that, every week, I attend a different 1Zumba class, in a different location in the Bay Area, California. After each class, I usually come up with many ideas, comments, observations, analyses,  viewpoints, debates, or arguments with other attendants about various subjects related to everyday events; i.e. cooking stuff, medical advice, entertainment suggestion, informational statement, etc.

This makes me feel that 1Zumba or other physical fitness classes is not only for our body, but also for our souls and minds. It gives us a chance to meet with other people, different-styles instructors, to get fit basically, and to socialize generally.

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Then this, in turn, is reflected in our lives. It certainly has a huge effect on us. Probably one comment, you get from someone, would let you think of some new ideas you would never had thought of before. May be you could gain a new experience about something that worked out well for somebody else.

For example, yesterday I was in a 1Zumba class in 24 hrs Fitness, Concord, in Sun Valley Mall. After we were done, one of the attendees who was right next to me, commenting while saying goodbye: “You should be a teacher!” She meant a teacher of 1Zumba, I laughed and I told her: “Yes, I am!” But I don’t think that she understood what I meant, coz I am a teacher of English Language not a teacher of Zumba.

It was fun, and funny! We both laughed and each one went in her way. It’s a nice place for gym, where many physical fitness activities are available for its members. It has a relatively small spot for group class, which made it suffocating when it gets crowded with people.

The point is that these small remarks matter! Not only for me, but for every normal person. He/she needs others to compliment, to play with, to exercise with, to feel humane, to respond, or to interact. You got my point, right? I hope you too would be able to go and feel awesome the way I normally feel after having these routines.

When you go crazy, you’ll love it the MOST 😉


2 thoughts on “Go Crazy!

  1. Great post! I can definitely see regular physical activities being a nourishment for the mind and soul – and also a place to build community.

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