Know Love!

Is it right for you to ignore proven findings and hold to assumptions?! 😉 Welcome back dear readers, friends, bloggers, and anyone else who is interested to read our stories; especially friends from the US, Canada, India, the UK, Portugal, Singapore, and Mexico   😉

Do you think that you have enough love in your life? I understand it’s a question not too many think about it, but some of you are concerned about it.

The reason of concern, as it was presented to us, and according to the sender is that he felt that people get to neglect love under the current circumstances of living. For Image result for crowns in fashion for blackhim, people have become programmed to go to school, graduate, get a job, get engaged to someone, get kids, and it’s all happening without thinking.

After we had a long talk among ourselves, the majority tend to argue that it is not true, and that love is still there. It is not as polished as it used to be in the past, but it is still there. 

The logic behind that is “You can’t live without love.”

There must be a source of love in your life. If it wasn’t your hubby, it would be your kid, sis, bro, friend, neighbor, peer, etc.. Everyone of you has someone who cares, just think clearly and you’d find it. 

You would argue that but there is a lot of bad people out there. The answer to that is no matter how evil they are, there is one tiny spot of love. May be they can hold it or hide it away from your for reasons you don’t know, but it is there. Love is always there. 

You don’t have to hear the word “love” to recognize it. Love doesn’t have to be said to you in words, it is rather sensed. Love comes from deep emotions, which sometimes can’t be just simply revealed.

Love is in the air, everywhere you go, it is there. Just sense it. 

Until we talk again, we’re working on your next magic story, so be ready to our new topics, with our hugs and kisses
Dearest friends everywhere, it is great to know new friends every single day; therefore, we thank everyone of you who spend few moments feeling our words. Our special thanks go for friends from the US, the UK, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Pakistan, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Africa, Mexico, Romania, Peru, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Indonesia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, UAE, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Colombia, Vietnam, Ukraine,  Jamaica, Canada,   Kenya,  New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Oman, Hong Kong, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Namibia, Cameroon, Ghana, Panama, Singapore, Argentina, Reunion, and all! 😉
Until we talk again,  get inspired, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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