Only 3 Days!

Be thankful! 😉 Thank you friends from the US, the UK, Canada, India, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, Russia, Kosovo, Thailand, South Africa, Tunisia, Germany, Greece, South Korea, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Italy, Mexico, Iraq, Qatar, Vietnam, Ireland, Pakistan, Morocco, France, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Peru, Belgium, Argentina, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Austria, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, Croatia, French Guiana, Colombia, Chile, Indonesia, Ecuador, Singapore, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, and all for being here with us! 😉

Only 3 days remaining for the Nov 3rd election!

More than a whole year of huge resources was wasted towards that election,

can you see that?

What made it the most important election in history?


3Here’s some cards:

Two men are unequal in vitality.

Two men are unequal in transparency.

Two men are unequal in chicanery.

Two men are perhaps equal in one thing: taking sleeping pills every night 🙄

Logically-speaking, if a man won the election without the power of presidency, what are the odds that he wouldn’t do it again while having that power in hand?

However, sometimes every logic is challenged by unexpected factors; if you disregard the confusion to which the media dragged you and everyone else, it would be clear to you who most probably to win in that race which was almost decided since the moment Biden was chosen to be brought back to that stage by Trump. Whoever wins will have to deal with a huge burden.

In 3 days you’ll get an answer for who, but in few hours you will know about the pending disaster with our hugs and kisses

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