Social-Networks Dilemma!

Great friends, welcome back! Keep coming back never stop checking on as many topics as you can! 😉 Thank you friends from the US, the UK, Canada, India, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, Russia, Kosovo, Thailand, South Africa, Tunisia, Germany, Greece, South Korea, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Italy, Mexico, Iraq, Qatar, Vietnam, Ireland, Pakistan, Morocco, France, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Netherlands, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Peru, Belgium, Argentina, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Austria, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, Croatia, French Guiana, Colombia, Chile, Indonesia, Ecuador, Singapore, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, and all for being here with us. 😉

Hard times bring unpleasant news and sometimes it’s so annoying that you do not want to hear it, but this one, our friends, you need to see  and you need to be part of the solution for it will take all of us  together to handle this.

SocialNetworksDilemmaNo one alone can do, no group by itself can do. You need to be part of the solution and you need to protect your loved ones.

It’s more serious than what you can imagine; some of the people who know it started taking action. You don’t want to be left alone in the dark, you need to be in not later on but now.

It affects the present, the past, and the future. It is dangerous than the COVID or the wild fires. It turns you into a dummy stealing your life and your best hours.

Watch this perhaps twice will be better for you to put a plan for how and what you can do.

Now after you watched that documentary, call it a dilemma, a disaster, a predicament or others, the most important thing is to sit down with yourself and decide what you are going to do to save yourself and your family.

Be honest even if your decision was that you’d leave it to others to come up with a solution for you, just keep talking about it.

Remember you can not find a vaccine for this one coz it needs eradication since it destroys everything in its way.

Until we talk again, the big picture is sometimes unpleasant but you have to be at least aware of it, with our hugs and kisses

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