Vaccine in its Way!

Is there a lot of skepticism? Is it wrong if it was the case?! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers friends writers bloggers and all from the US, Malaysia, Kenya, India, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Canad, China, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania, Thailand, the UK, Peru, and France! 😉

It’s like a big competition between countries for who would be the first to come up with the COVID19 vaccine.Vaccine

So far we heard about the US is getting ahead of everyone else with Pfizer Pharmaceutical, but then Oxford announced that they are in the last stages of completing their testing stages for that vaccine, whatever that is.

Where’s the media from that? Why don’t they follow up with the labs or the schools which are running the testing for that vital vaccine?

It’s almost No. 1 in importance before anything else in your world. Seriously, is it not?

Until we chat again, hold it up together and read more until you’re shore safely with our hugs and kisses




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