Who Are These People?

You forget and it’s a blessing to have this ability! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers bloggers readers teachers and everyone out there from the US, the UK, Serbia, Thailand, India, China, Lithuania, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Australia, and Sweden! 😉

Amazing to keep hearing all these figures in millions, billions, or trillions. The machines are there; and, they keep printing day and night, who cares?Sheriff's office warns community of fake money being passed around ...

Disagreement should not bring disrespect. If you can’t agree with someone even if it was your own son, you should be still respectful. Escalation and provoking handling will end up your conversation badly and not to your favor.

If you can’t control yourself, pull away for a little bit until you feel that you’re comfortable coming back to the ring. When you lose respect to other parties, you wouldn’t be able to close your deal and that goes for the other party too.

The question here, who are these people, and why would they get paid all this money? Not only them at that scale, there are others who are paid even more than these figures with no-one asking the question of “Why?

California has a $1 trillion unfunded pension liability.

Amazon.com: Hitecera Antique Caricature of 'Fat Cat' Politician ...It’s good to see that article that reveals a part of an ongoing taxpayers sucking process that wouldn’t help with all the work that need to be done for the infrastructure of CA at the present time.

There has been a nice UC Berkeley virtual graduation- Journalism Dept. on last Saturday which was a new way of conducting graduation and saving a lot of money.

Until we chat again, keep sticking to our topics and get your true inspiration with our hugs and kisses

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