Coloring Flowers!

Welcome back dearest writers bloggers teachers students readers friends and all from the US, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, China, Indonesia, Hungary, Italy, Chile, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Qatar, Austria, New Zealand, the UK, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Latvia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Singapore, Egypt, Iceland, and Philippines! 😉

Quick events taking you to where nobody knows but some are optimistic and this is the spirit you all need. Inside of you, your heart is trembling asking yourself: “Is it really gonna be ok?”

Therefore, since some still under shelter-in-place, we’re sharing a new coloring Book for your kids or any EMH groups:4aa

For parents, educators, students, and teachers, each picture in the slideshow can be printed, colored and talked about with your student. There’s a brief guidance/key by the end of the book including the name of each flower

The student doesn’t have to memorize all the names. If s/he remembers any of them, this will be great. You’re only introducing the idea of having a long life career with plants. We dearly need researchers in this branch.

Any question pls feel free to email or contact us. You can make copies. It’s free service as a contribution from us towards schools online curricula.

Until we chat again, enjoy your day or night and keep digging into your topics list. You’ll get your unique inspiration guaranteed with our hugs and kisses

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