Your Eyelashes!

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How harmful eyelashes extension is? 

Frankly-speaking, artificial or fake eyelashes is absolutely harmful and terribly toxic and if you didn’t suffer now while having it, you’d see what we’re telling you later on. You can’t evade it. Eyelashes

If you risk your eyes for the temptation of having thicker or longer eyelashes, be assured that there would be a serious consequences for the health of your own eyes. Do we say that to scare you? Do we have a business that is competing with the eyelashes? No no no!

It’s only a pure advice for girls and females who fall for the salons which try their best to sell this poison. Sure it’s toxic and it’s no secret. There’s a number of court cases due to some of terrible eyes reactions when customers allowed having eyelashes in good faith.

It’s something similar to smoking, each salon needs to be open and explain what could happen to your eyes and let you sign a paper that they made you aware of the risk you would be taking.

Until we chat again, check on the related topics you’d find facts you never heard of before with our hugs and kisses



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