ID Him!

For some people, it’s me me and me! 😉 Thanks for having us in your life, dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, South Korea, Russia, Greece, Brazil, and Canada! 😉

Sounds incredible! Why?

Here’s why and what have happened to my friend:

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Steve is a physician working with the Department of Health in CA. It was time for his annual physical check-up. He stopped by his primary provider to do that.

To his surprise, when the nurse opened his file on the computer, he found his id right in front of his eyes on the opposite screen of the nurse.

So alarmed, he asked her how she got his id on file. She answered that she didn’t know, and that there was a department which was in charge of all the data appeared on the screen.

SophieU idHe wrote a complaint to the CA department of Health, and to the Fed Department of Health as well.

How could they scan your id without your permission?

How could they publish your photo without your permission?

The excuse is, as always, that they wanted to protect you, which is completely a false statement, coz in fact you’re more vulnerable than before when everyone could see your id online.

Qatar AirwaysAnyone and everyone, now, can see your id with your photo in color online, and the health network is really quite a big one. Why? And you don’t have a say in it, why? Are you owned by someone? It’s absurd.

How can they expose you to such a risk, and without taking your permission??? And if a physician was unable to protect his id, how would it be the case for another one??? 

The only solution left for him since there was no-one answering his complaints is to sue the State and to sue the Fed Health Dept if there was any and all other departments which are involved in that issue.

Do you blame him?!

Until we chat again, pay attention to your id, your photos and your personal documents. Get ultimately inspired via our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannelQatar AirwaysBerrylook 5% off for Your First Order

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