Technology not The Panacea, 1Z!

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Technology is not he answer for all of our problems!

It’s great to have drones, video calls, hover boards, but sometimes, the new Image result for video callstechnologies would not provide us for humans’ major issues.

Take for example the commute problem in the East Bay, and how people, due to the higher demand for workers in SF, have to travel on a daily basis for two or three hours in commuting.

Technology is a great enabler , but technology alone is never the solution.

Think about how many times a process is implemented and then over time people become so used to the system they simply do it without thinking if it’s really the right solution Image result for video callsor the best way of doing things. People begin to develop ‘work-around’ attitude, as situations change or new issues arise, rather than really addressing the problem.

Technology adds burden to your expenses, if you’re a businessman, let alone maintenance and security. You would think that you’d be saving using apps, software programs, or other new tech, but the truth is that, having more people in your business, would prosper and gets lower expenses than what you think. This is what Sharif, a businessman told us.

An experience can be enhanced with the latest technology, video interviewing, etc., but is this authentic? Does it really reflect what it’s like to work in all areas of your business or in reality will they be dealing with real people, on the phone, or in person in a collaborative environment all day?

Related image

The bottom line is: before using technological solutions, please take the time to calculate it right. Consider hiring people, instead of machines or automated programs, which would drain your profits, and left you with loans.

This does not mean that we do not encourage new gadgets or lessen the value of creativity and innovation; on the contrary, we are into inventions, and the latest one It's safe!we heard about was: the “Nimble”. It’s tiny piece, but very profitable. 

Nimble Can Be Used Many Different Ways

  • Open plastic packets of food in the kitchen.
  • Open shrink wrapped, cellophane wrapped and other plastic packed items from around the house.
  • Cut out vouchers and news clippings.
  • Open envelopes.
  • Cut open parcels.
  • Cut sticky tape and wrapping paper.
  • Image result for panacea definition

Technology is not the panacea for our ailments, 1Zumba friend. 

Our hugs and kisses for all of you, and until we talk again, check on our previous posts, there was plenty of new info, you’d love it ❤



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