Being A Leader, 1Zumba!

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We’ve been doing a research on the qualities of a good leader. We found many resources Image result for good leaderonline and in the library. There has been a buffet of skills that are lined up and presented in most articles or books; however, it seemed to be theoretical rather than realistic ones.

In general, there has been certain expectations on the side of the researcher as it seemed to be. It was assumed that the leader should be honest, clear, committed, trustworthy, and honest.

But the reality is that, if we had a quick look at the leaders of our world today, is not Image result for good leaderreally matching with what is written or claimed in books.

One of Tania’s resources said : “Strong leaders maintain clear, consistent communication with their employees. Constant communication makes employees understand the company’s vision and mission and gives them an assurance that they are working towards the desired goals. Communication is also important in establishing work expectations, giving constructive feedback and training new employees.

Confidence is essential for strong leadership when the future of the company is at stake. During these times, strong leaders inspire confidence in others and assure employees that setbacks are natural, thus making them remain focused on the goals of the business.”

I’m sorry to say this is BS! Where is the reality? Where is the credibility? Where’s the respect for the smart people? NONE 😛

Image result for gandhi drawingGhandi was a good leader and strong one, but it’s a completely different culture. His wisdom and persistence might not accomplished elsewhere. He was well-educated in legal matters, so he knew his human rights pretty well, and he had the ability to see how to get them.

What worked for Ghandi would not work for someone else in another region unfortunately! I wish it did!

One quality Ghandi had, could work pretty well for any other leader, that was patience. True! Patience is a key for many matters. It might take decades to achieve what is needed to be done, while it shouldn’t, but there is always resistance elements. There is always Image result for good leadersome kind of benefits that go to vicious people, and they don’t want to give it up naturally.

Our world is full of selfishness, and the reason for some of us, is survival. Look around and see how people are fighting their battles on a daily basis. Are they enjoying life? 🙄

The bottom line is, leaders are doubted. The qualities that should exist in leaders are no longer there, coz the focus is now on money, power, and how much each one is capable of making to support her/his retirement phase.

The charisma or the good look used to be required, but no longer, and the reason is that Image result for good leaderpeople are updated with new figures on a daily basis now, due to the excessive exposure to media, so there is this kind of carelessness emergence towards new or old faces.

The names have become too many, so it’s ok to add a new new, but not necessary for me to memorize it, coz tomorrow I’ll get another new face anyways!

Another great characteristic is the ability to be calm. The ability to control your temper is one of the most important attributes to leader, and the reason is very simple. You Image result for good leaderwould take a good decision when you are calm and in control of your mood, while the opposite will happen.

You can lose your beloved ones in one encounter, when you are in a bad mood, and vent out in certain situations. And that would be it! Once it is there, it would be there forever. You cannot erase it or delete it from their memories. Even if they pretend to be unaffected, they would still hold it against you, Image result for good leaderinside of them, unconsciously and unintentionally.

When you are in control of your mood, this will bring others’ respect, coz they trust your responses. You are not the kind who would get in rage for any reason. You are the calm wise type of person, who is confined at when someone needs help or support.

Have we talked a lot today? Probably it’s time to say “Good Bye” for now. Until we talk again, here’s my kisses & hugs to all of you ❤


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