Wisdom of Death!

Everyday carries another new task for you! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, India, China, Switzerland, and Canada! 😉

Yesterday, unfortunately I heard from my best friend.

Why unfortunately?

                 Qatar AirwaysCashmere in Love
It was sad news. She lost her mom who was suffering from dementia. For the last few months, she was hospitalized under the supervision of medical care.

Her mom enjoyed life for over 90 years, but still it’s the longing to see the mother that may made her deeply mourn the most. It’s the love she has in her heart for her mom.

I remembered how I felt when I lost my own mother; it was like being floating near the ground, as if my feet were no longer touching the Earth. That was exactly how it felt. As if I was detached of Earth. Seriously, that was how it felt. It was weird but real.Qatar AirwaysBerrylook 5% off for Your First OrderUnfortunately, my friend is in another state now, and I wouldn’t be able to be present there for her. Although she was nagging at times of her mom; yet, I knew she loved her mom very very much.

I’m so sorry that we lost that nice lady and I wish that BeaFarewellshe would be in a better place, not feeling pain any more. For some reason, death makes you wiser for moments, but then you forget. Certainly, there is a wisdom behind that. It’s the mercy of your Creator.

Her grannies and grand-grannies will miss her too. Old people have a special spot in the hearts of the youngsters, but what can we say? There’s always a time to leave for everyone.

(You don’t need to pull a trigger for anyone to leave; we’re all leaving sooner or later!)

It’s life, but You call it: “Death”!

Qatar AirwaysUntil we talk again, read more, share, live your life cheerfully, and remember that you’d be leaving one day with our hugs and kisses ❤


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