1Zumba Heart

Bonjour mes amis, or good day my friends from everywhere. The new ones from the US, Canada, Russia, Italy, the UK, Malaysia, India, Australia, Slovakia, Finland, France, Bahamas, Mexico, & Panama  😉

Oh hellllo my 1Zumba friend!  It’s a Sunday and that is when I miss you the most. My heart is full of nice emotions, and I want to speak to you about our hearts  😉

Heart is a huge subject to talk about. It’s  our goal tonight, to throw a bit of a light around our hearts. Can you believe it? When I searched the word heart, the first option appeared to me was: hereit was Google.com, sure, haha!

The 2nd result, that appeared on the screen, was the heart I had in mind, our physical heart.

hrtIt’s quite amusing to know when we are kids, we tend to think that the heart inside our bodies looks like the symbol of heart we see in pictures. it’s confusing for kids sometimes to comprehend concepts.

According to The Institute of Heart Math, there is a lot of understanding required in order for us to comprehend the whole process that takes place in our bodies, especially in our hearts.

hrtdncDancing is good for your heart. Do you know that? If you don’t agree let’s hear what Dr. Nandi.     Dancing 1Zumba or exercise  gives pleasure, generates happiness, and makes you feel free from your daily constraints.

Every part in your body is related to the other, you cannot separate them from each other, so when your heart is in good shape, it will affect other organs in your body. Doctors in Jersey City came up with a dancing competition, on the Heart Day, which was a great idea!

hrt-brWe cannot say that the heart is more important than the brain, or the opposite. It makes perfect sense, coz every tiny part of your body is as important as every other one. Here’s your guide for a healthy heart; use every word in it, it’s a good reliable source for you.

My dear 1Zumba friend, you need to care adequately for your body. You need to plant it in your kids as well, to care for their own bodies. Our bodies need maintenance, similar to our vehicles. They need to be maintained from time to time, according to this article.

I can get drunk listening to Paris music, I was watching the movie of ” Midnight in Paris”, which my son recommended it for me, and I just loved it. My tiny 1Zumba heart was racing  😉

Love you all , I hope you would take good care of your hearts, and pls feel free to send me your comments. I just can’t have enough. Until we talk again, take care!



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