1Zumba London Greetings!

Wow, thank you for your comments and emails!

Thanks for all of you, who continuously read our post, from everywhere, we do love you so much. whoever you are, wherever you live, we are always here for you  😉

Dear Amy, thank you for your greetings from London. That was really unbelievable fantastic shot, we all loved it  😉

IMG-20160117-WA0017Remember to say hello to the Queen*, and the Royal Family. I was reading about the Commonwealth* the other day, and it’s quite puzzling 😮

1Zumba friend, tomorrow is a holiday in CA, but my guess is that we will be able to have our 1Zumba class. Or at least I hope so.

Media is great, isn’t it? It’s getting more and more tricky. I know that you are very smart people, and that each one of you is precious and valuable human being! So why don’t we test our smart friends, by watching this video, and then tell us, what was the message in it? 

Answers are accepted for 24 hrs from the time it is posted Pacific Time. Cheers 😀

From the bottom of our hearts we love you all. This reminds me of a beautiful saying about the heart: “The heart is never called  a heart except for its heartening!” Guess what brilliant guys, very few people would understand my saying here, coz heartening here means the continuous non-stop turns of our hearts, which never end!

Love you all guys, have fun with our 1Zumba London Greetings  😉




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