?? Prizes 1Zumba!

Readers, friends, & followers, it’s a big welcome to all of you, especially from the US, India, Turkey, & Italy 😉

Our session today is brief, but of great benefit to all of you. One it’s reading, and reading is always good for our brains, coz it makes it thinking to do what it’s supposed to be doing.

Two, an additional source of light and delight entertainment, instead of watching TV, and its ugly news. Do you agree?!

Oh! I’ll keep counting forever, haha! Maria and Regina, 1Zumba friends, we’ve already announced the prizes for our 100 Questions competitions few times, here and on FB; but, it’s OK, I’ll mention them here, one more time, for those who missed the announcement of the prizes.


First prize: Fabulous bracelet 😉

Second Prize: Outstanding earrings 😉

Third Prize: Chain with a special stone locket 😉

You will receive your prize to the address you will provide us with your answers for the 100 questions. The first prize will be for those between 90-100% correct answers, the 2nd one will be between 70-90%, and the 3rd one for less than 70%.

Our Question no. 62 is as follows:


It’s the softness in your smile what attracted me the most, 1Zumba friend. It made me wonder how you really are, not in pictures. Many photos reflect false qualities about the persons in the photo, not necessarily in your pictures though 😉

This flower made me think of people and how they could color themselves differently just to serve the purpose of their existence. I don’t know why it gave me that kind of feeling, probably coz it was not natural, or may be coz i’ve never seen any rose like this one. But hey, who knows if it’s really exists or it was just a hybrid?!

Image result for pretty flowers

We love you all guys, and we will talk again in few moments, may be to complete this love story we never ended, or to bring you a new special invention for your smart minds. Until then, give me your biggest hug ever ❤


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