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Welcome & hello our dearest readers! From everywhere, the US, Argentina, Australia, n Sri Lanka, always welcome to come back again, for more intellectual nutrition 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, thank you for being patient, and supportive in the last situation that happened in school. Your understanding, and approval for my response meant a lot to me, and to feel that the right is right.

Our competition’s question no. 96 is here:


Our continuation for how to have your business, your brand, or your product standout, via using the right photography look; whether in your website, or your magazine.

Here you’d find the necessary factors that would make your business/product the most successful among others, in this gigantic crazy market:

  • Main idea: When you come up with a product, you must have built it around a certain idea. Whether it is a safety device, or a loose dress. There is a reasoning in your mind that took place, when you came up with that new product. Spell it up to your photographer.

  • Shooting Place: Your photographer will select the spot where s/he will shoot for your product, based on what you revealed to her/him regarding how that product came to life.

  • Lights: Your photographer, or you, if you want to do it yourself, will have all the different kinds of lights equipment, necessary for the production of the photos that would be linked to your name.
  • seraph-homeHuman Modelling: When you choose your models, remember that it is never about the beauty or how handsome the person is, it is rather about how that person would be able to represent the idea that you had in the first place for your product/brand.

  • Clothing: The right kind of cloth collection should be selected to match with the whole image that the photographer is trying to create through your product’s photos.

  • Beauty Salon: The make-up as well as the hair style are going to be the job of the beautician who would again need to live the idea that inspired you to put it on the faces of those models.

    In order for the shots to be successful, your models must be in the right hairstyle with the right make-up.

  • brand1zAngles: Not every angle will be right for your models, your photographer most probably will have some experimental photos, before he would start her/his plans.

  • Camera spheres: Each camera has it capabilities, buttons, or software. Or let’s say that each camera has its own tricks. Because of higher level of technology and software with cameras, one important factor in the process is the features of the cameras used in the shooting.

  • Design of Your Product’s Name: It’s very important where your brand’s name is going to appear on your website, or your product label.   Not only that  but also the design of how this name will appear so it would be grabbing the attention of as many people as possible.

  • Last Touch: After the shooting, everything need to be revised/edited, but be careful not to exceed the acceptable level; otherwise, the photos would look superficial, and you would be challenging the logic of individuals. Instead of attracting your customers, it would drive them the other way around.

Wow! Time passes so quickly, and we’ve been chatting for quite  some time. I’ll leave you for moments, and come back to you with new insights related to your business, or how to make more money amid this economy.

Until then, here’s my kisses n hugs for all of you ❤

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