Unfinished Business, 1Zumba?!

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My 1Zumba friend, thank you for that lovely fitness class. It was amazing: three new songs. I just love it 😉

Our competition,  and our catch up with one of our incomplete argument, which was brought to us by Alberto, one of my students, and 1Zumba follower.

Why a famous actor like Robin Williams would commit suicide? Why would a famous singer like Whitney Houston would do the same?

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What kind of pressure could fame bring to people who wanted to be well-known at one point, but then discovered that it was all an illusion, and that it only brought them misery to be that person they dream of?

If fame and money brings depression and stress, then why kings & queens are still there, enjoying all the wealth in the world, and the luxurious life, without any suicidal accidents similar to actors? Or may be having the money is good, but being followed by the paparazzi is the main issue, what do you think?

Should we do some digging then, in order to know what is the exact elements that affect these cases?

Here’s some of the answers we got:

  • Windy City NoveltiesThe pressure I guess.The most talented people often have been on journeys that have been tainted with experiences that either haunt them or drive them to the breaking points so they seek solace in other things to escape .Some just go too far. Just remember to be yourself and don’t feel the need to compete with others.
  • Its not that if you have money or if you are famous you are happy.
  • Depression is always associated with “lack”.as you can see there are “a lot” of things in our life that their lack could make us Michael C Ruppert Collapse From The Wilderness Peak Oil Oelfoerdermaximum fossile Energien Colorado Derivate Zineszins Wachstumsparadigma bumpy plateau Elisabeth Kuebler Ross.jpgunhappy, not only money or being famous.
  • That’s a great question “how can someone really be happy in life?”, and actually a lot of scientists and thinkers are trying to answer that. 
  • Celebrities think they are better than the average person, and they believe that their money gives them immunity from Fashion Designer L'Wren Scott.jpgthe law, which leads to: Substance Abuse and Alcoholism etc, Which in turn lead to depression, Which leads to Suicidal Tendencies!

As as a conclusion, one may say that as a celebrity you have been so much addicted to others opinion that your entire thought process is shaped up by the world. If world calls you most desired thing then you are on top of the world.

Our question no. 97 is here:


Windy City Novelties

If tomorrow some tabloid calls you worst human being on earth, Your life is immediately shattered. Suddenly you are on a drug ride or depressed. Your psychiatrist billing is going up.

Jean Seberg (1979), American actress, barbiturate overdose, or that is what we were told, whether it was the truth or not, I guess we wouldn’t know any better 😕

When you never give yourself a private time to face reality, this is what happens to you. Your fall is imminent. Even if you don’t fall down in the eyes of public you would have fallen down in your own eyes.

But in the meantime, it could have been undiscovered crime. It could have been a kill for a reason, but police didn’t or couldn’t  figure it our. There must be some percentage of failure to solve all those cases.

I know what you’re thinking it’s tragic, but  still interesting to know why.

Shall we have a short break & come back again for more chatting? Let’s do that, and until then, here’s my hugs & kisses

[To be continued]

.Suicide list.

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