1Zumba, Fashion & Early Sleep!

fshHello friends and readers, from the US, UAE, and India 😉 Thank you for visiting our site, and welcome to a new post 😉

We’ll have one more question in our competition, and a continuation for what we started talking about yesterday, in respect of fashion, photography, and how good photography can make your brand, or your product standout among others.

My dear 1Zumba friend, I’m trying to start earlier the sleeping process/cycle. Two days ago, I set my alarm to 7:30 pm just to be a stop point for my working day. I still wasn’t able to get exactly where I wanted to, but I’m trying. Haha!

Here’s is Question no. 95:


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It’s an art rather than anything else. It’s certainly a combination of many factors. It’s a special talent that the maestro should have.

Fashion photography and standard apparel product photography are related, but they’re not the same.

Fashion photography is focused on branding: models, location, props and other aspects of the shoot take on great significance, while apparel product photography is focused on the product. 

In other words, fashion is the cover of a magazine, n product images are what’s inside. 

Look at the home page of Designer: Cathrine Malandrino

Now look at what you see when you browse the products page:

The product images are deliberately positioned in a consistent pose, facing the camera. The images are consistently sized and aligned for easy comparison. There are no mannequins, models, props or even backgrounds. It’s just the product and essential data: name and price. This is product photography.

There is actually more to be said about this art.

Anita reminded me of a story we started but we never ended it, and I know that that happened a number of times with our stories for too many different elements. We will certainly try our best to complete any unfinished story 😀

Try getting some good night sleep, sleeping early is a good habit that I’m trying to get used to, believe me, I’m working very hard on it 🙂

Let’s talk some more in a little bit. Do you like that? I’m waiting your answers 😉

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