It Must Be The Opulence!

Thank you for visiting our pages today, especially our friends & readers from the US, Germany, India, Uganda, UAE, Spain, n Belgium 😉

My 1Zumba friend, these are the pictures which inspired me to write this post:

Gianvito rossi designer heels at

I like the blue color, the dress design, n the shoes that take some dress touch.

Jimmy choo boots and more at

The way the photo is taken is new, unfamiliar, and has this tick that would make you buy it.

New valentino garavani wrap sandals and more at

The match between the dress and the sandals are exceptional.

Manolo blahnik flats and more at

Also, I must mention that I love designers’ shoes. They are a bit expensive, but it’s completely different feel, and appearance!

Fendi mink and fur sandals plus more at

Probably, it’s the way they are photographed, and the poses that I see on their brands’ pictures. There’s always something very special about the way and the angle the photo is taken. Of course talent & other elements are involved.


You know Mondays and how busy they are, so I have to say “Goodbye” for now. I’ll talk to you soon, just go through the posts that you misses, until I see you again. Kisses & hugs

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