1Z, Go With Ur Heart!

Welcome! Welcome, dear readers & friends from the US, Mexico, India, France, Spain, The UK, & Ukraine 😉

Image result for miss youMy dear 1Zumba friend, we will always miss you! We hope to see you soon to know what’s going on in your life. Just remember us, and that we’re your real friends, who will listen to you, day or night, who will argue with you, answer your questions, or just respond to your smart talk 😉

Pls feel free to send your competition answers to the address provided under “Contacts” tap. We’re almost there, and you’ll get your prize by mail as well; just write your address clearly pls, so it would go to the right address 😉

I’m not sure yet, which subject you would go for, more than others, coz every single day you prove someone’s wrong or right, haha!

Image result for writing is hardNina, 1Zumba friend, asked me an advice on writing. I would say, write down your ideas while you’re reading, it doesn’t matter if you stopped reading for a little bit then continue back to where you were. Write important points/thoughts that come up to your mind while reading.

There is no specific time for inspiration. Even if you wrote some points to remind yourself later on, when you put your book together, there might be more inspiration.

When reading the phrase “write where you live”, I had a flashback coming to my mind, remembering that I have been reading all my life, in different fields starting make-up workshops’ books, ending up by dissertations from Harvard, but yet at no point where I lived, I thought I had to write only where I lived. 

Image result for writing is hardI always felt the need to write, but sometimes when I did, I got distracted. Unless the writing was for a school paper, a business project, or a complaint, when I locked myself up as if in a cave, kind of situation. 😀

For long time I thought about it, and at last it all made sense to me: in all my research, theses,  questionnaires, proposals, papers, analyses, statistics, tests, evaluations, there has always been one element in common- writing. Right?!

Therefore, and specifically at that point, I felt it should had been “writing for publishing” the best thing I should do, since I had all that passion for writing. A number of writings were published here and there, before and during my school time, but I would say that it was as an amateur or semi-professional type. Now, it is felt to be rather like a profession!

Each one is different though, and you might have a style in writing totally different from others. It all depends on how much passion you have for writing.

Go with your guts! Follow your heart! You’d reach your goals, just know what you really want, and keep being realistic, so you wouldn’t get disappointed, although sometimes, we carried on with our passion helplessly.

Our question no. 61 is as follows:


Oh! I almost forgot, about the incident that happened to 1Zumba friend yesterday, I will tell you about it in our next edition, to make it light reading, I guess.

Until then, check on our list, and give us your hugs and kisses ❤

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