Back-and-Forth Writing!

For higher rank of love, you can do wonders; just clear your vision from illusions! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Canada, the UK, and Ukraine! 😉

Are you done with the Memorial Day? Yep, wearing an Air-force cap and walking along Ocean Beach. It was a great day for CA beaches. The perfect weather for being near the ocean. SophieDayinMyLife.jpg

Writing comes easy for people who are talented. Once they pinpoint the idea, they just sail, coz it’s natural in them.

Some researchers claim that writing  is genetic or inherited similar to being a physician just due to being exposed to or nurtured by a parent who happened to be one. Nonetheless this theory is debatable.

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Writing is hard during its coming-to-life process, alike the moment a mother is giving birth to a baby. It’s the birth of your original work, which is normally produced while blending together all your talent, your art, and your craft!

You can study writing. You can train yourself. You can read a lot in various areas, but if you don’t have your special touch in writing, you would still need more. 

Writing for fun is OK, but you should be able to support yourself while earning nothing. You would put a lot of hours just for the sake of the love of writing. Eventually you’d be able to tell if you really can make it or not. You’d feel when you read what you write if it’s genuine or not. You’d be able to assess your work may be more harshly than others do, if you’re really have it.

Some writers think that not all kinds of writing are equally difficult. For example, writing a technical manual would be easier than a novel, assuming that the technical writer just describes how the tool works and that would be straightforward context required no effort on the part of the writer.

However Natalie said that that was not true, and her evidence was that some manuals are not understandable due to the poor materials and the weak description of the writer, which make it impossible for the reader to understand how to interpret it in order to apply it on the machine.


In reality, the technical writing requires a writer to have enough knowledge of the subject-matter. For example, an auto description on how to change your car oil would need someone who has enough info about car oil change process. Not only that but also this info should be under a specific make of your car. BMW is dissimilar to Ford. 

Still there is more and more to say about writing, and more and more to be said about entertainment.

Until we talk again, do your homework, go easy with our topics, and spend enough time around the right words, with our hugs and kisses

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