Memory Day!

You lead for this is your destiny, it’s the only way that would feel right for you! 😉 Welcome back dear friends! Friends from the US, India, Canada, Turkey, Kenya, Norway, Ukraine, and Hungary, our special thanks for your follow-up. 😉

Yesterday writing and Memorial Day and what you should do during that day came up and we mentioned that we’d continue talking today.

As for Memorial Day, various opinions were expressed responding to the question of “Should we really celebrate the Memorial Day?”

Most of the answers were “No“! The reasons were basically about the feelings of the families who lost one or more of their members to war. A father said: “Do you expect me to go out and have fun, for the memory of losing my only son?!” “It was a crime to send my son for a suicidal mission under all circumstances”.

Memories of deceased ones are always painful, and perhaps it would feel cruel to Memorialcheer up and celebrate in a day that is considered doomed for another person.

Personally, I believe that youth is the heart of a country. You’d be crazy to send your heart for war. No gains would ever justify that action against youth.

If you want to grow patriotism in kids that’s fine but only based on peace among humans coz this is the utmost gain. Let them be wiser and stronger, not idiots and fable.

It’s fair to give today’s post completely to the Memorial Day, to say thank you for those who gave their lives and souls for the belief of defending their country. We salute and empathize with the families who lost a dear member to war, and just wearing a soldier hat or hanging it up on your door would be a sharing gesture from you.

Until we complete our talk about writing, stick to our updated posts, dig further more with our hugs and kisses



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