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While sitting in my office, trying to find my notes on my class prep, someone knocked at my door. I do not have any student appointments today. I opened the door, and it was Mary; one of my brilliant students. She is working in a café in order to be able to continue her school. She rarely smiles; it seems that life made her under stress all the time. I asked her to join our 1Zumba class many times, as I felt she could have great results if she let go of all the stress she is under.

jI asked her while I was still looking for my notes: “Oh, hello Mary. Nice to see you. How can I help you today?” Mary had a genuine smile on her face answering: “ I had a 1Zumba Jinni in my dream, and ..” Before Mary finished her sentence, another knock was at the door. That time it was Amy and Jess, they had a problem with the library and it got escalated. They needed my immediate attention.

I had to excuse myself asking Mary to come back after the class, coz it seemed that, even if I solved that problem for Amy and Jess, there wouldn’t be enough time for Mary. It seemed to be something important, and I wanted to give her all the time she would need. The library definitely would take time to settle down that issue.

Have I ever told you how much I love libraries? Have I ever told you how much time I spent in libraries over the years? If I did, you probably wouldn’t believe it. The problem with the library that day was simple; it was a book called “New” Amy borrowed, then Jess took it from her to read. He returned the book to the library after that, but the librarian said it was not returned, so they wanted Amy to pay a fine. After searching through some special channels, they were able to locate the book, and thank God, I was able to go to my class.

My mind started wondering about the 1Zumba Jinni though, even during the lecture, it was there in the back of my stream of thoughts. After I was done with the class, I hurried up back to my office, and the funny thing was that I kept thinking of every Jinni I’ve ever heard of; not on purpose.

jn3It just kept coming naturally to my mind, as if my own brain’s library opened its doors and pushed out every topic that included the word Jinni. It was similar to doing a Google’s or a Yahoo’s search, and all the results kept coming. OMG! I actually wanted to stop that flood of thoughts but it didn’t .

Aladdin and the Jinni was the first one on the top of my list that appeared in my mind, where the Jinni suddenly appeared from an oil lamp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney%27s_Aladdin_characters

jinniDreamThe second one was an old TV show called “I Dream of Jeannie” which is “an American fantasy sitcom starring Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old Jinni and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and whom she eventually marries.” It was super entertaining for the whole family, as I was a baby when I was watching that show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Dream_of_Jeannie

The third was a translated book about Jinn and how in some cultures there is a belief that Jinn exist in our world and that they affect the humans’ actions. The list went on and on.

jn4At last I was back to my office, finding Mary at my door waiting eagerly. Entering my office she was still having that smile on her face, n she was still interested in talking about her dream.

Let me back up a little bit here. Someone told Mary that I was able to interpret the dreams, and that was the reason she came back and insisted on telling me her dream.

The truth is I read many books about dreams’ interpretations, astrology, and birth signs. I had in my personal library a whole shelf for this subject including a huge reference for dreams explanations. But I can’t claim that I am an expert in dreams or seeing the future. So I made that clear to Mary before she would continue any further in her narration. I wouldn’t want to fail her expectations. I don’t like to see people disappointed. I’d rather see them happy and fulfilled.

1Z-JinHow many hours do we have in our lives? We don’t know, some would answer. Assuming that the average age is 50 years, so we can multiply 50 x 365 days/yr x 16 hr (8 hrs for sleep) = 292,000 ♥  only.

Then, if you only would have this number of hours 292,000 in your ONE life, what would you like to do? How would you be able to enjoy these hours the best way possible. Think about this question, you would be amazed!!

Going back to Mary, she said she saw a 1Zumba Jinni, wearing a bathing suit, all in green. It was a male with wide shoulders going towards the sea. He had green sleeveless top and a green bottom. She saw only his back, dark brown hair, and 1Zumba was written on the back of his head in green. Water covered the lower part of his legs reaching above his knees, and he was walking slowly in a straight line.

She said she felt so happy seeing that dream n remembering it. “Really?”, I thought. “Why?” I asked her. She said: “That’s why I am here. I want you to tell me why.”

I had no clue on how to answer her, and I noticed that I was running out of time again, and I needed to catch up with delayed work. Gazing at her for a second, and not wanting to reject her enthusiasm and the apparent pleasure on her face, I gathered my thoughts all together, and said: “Mary dear, you need to think seriously about joining 1Zumba, coz it seemed that you had a very special invitation via your Green 1Zumba Jinni, who you saw in your dreams; and, frankly speaking, I never before in my life heard of a 1Zumba Jinni! 😉

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