Here & there, 1Z, Galaxies!

Sometimes, it’s really unbelievable what the days bring to you!

A 1Zumba friend told me that: “Someone message me: “I’m from …., and I wanna marry you?!” Wow! This ‘s a great offer, but?????”

My dear readers and friends, I’m thrilled with all the nice comments and compliments you’re sending us, as for the story of my friend, I’ll tell you about it next time 😉

It has been great pleasure always to hear from you, from everywhere on our beautiful Earth. Even from outside our Earth, you are still welcome, just introduce yourself to us, so we would know how to communicate with you. Seriously!so

When we have a deep look at our universe, or our galaxies (although it sounded a bit not right to say our??), we would feel so impressed, so amazed of how this universe is dynamically working continuously for us!

Just staring at the stars by night, thinking of the greatness of all these unknown bodies, seriously, could blow your mind.

blue-whiteStarsThese blue-white stars are burning their hydrogen fuel so ferociously they will explode as supernovae in just a few million years.

The combination of out-flowing stellar “winds” and, ultimately, supernova blast waves will carve out cavities in nearby clouds of gas and dust.

These fireworks will kick-start the beginning of a new generation of stars in an ongoing cycle of star birth and death.

blue-whiteStars1.jpgMost galaxies possess a majestic spiral or elliptical structure. About a quarter of galaxies, though, defy such conventional, rounded aesthetics, instead sporting a messy, indefinable shape.

Known as irregular galaxies, this group includes NGC 5408, the galaxy that has been snapped here by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.


There are plenty of amazing facts in our splendid universe, we just need to pay close attention to things we do not appreciate; things that we take for granted! 

blue-whiteStars2.jpgTherefore, I would like to present to some of you who does not know much about a galaxies the following: “The galaxy resembles a giant maelstrom of glowing gas, rippled with dark dust that swirls inwards towards the nucleus.

Messier 96 is a very asymmetric galaxy; its dust and gas are unevenly spread throughout its weak spiral arms, and its core is not exactly at the galactic center. Its arms are also asymmetrical, thought to have been influenced by the gravitational pull of other galaxies within the same group as Messier 96.

Thank you for being with us for few moments, and we’ll see you soon after this short break 😉


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